Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Workin' out..,

I started teaching exercise classes two years ago this Feb.

Pretty sure the first class I taught, I looked a bit like this.



But really.
I am so glad I took the plunge and did something that terrified me!
It has been so much fun, and such a big part of my life.
Plus the Lulu discount is kinda nice as well:)

I thought I would share some of my exercise essentials!

For the Gym

I know Lululemon has had a tough time lately. But they are still my Jam.
Pretty much every moring you can find me in one of the above, or a combo of them.
There is nothing better to work out in the wunder unders. Period.

I really love no limits tanks.
Lets be honest, the last thing you want to see while working out is someones muffin top.
This hides mine nicely.

This jacket is the bomb. 
I have it in a few color combs and I really do wear it all year long. 
Its prefect for the mornings in the summer (maybe, if its not too hot).., and in the winter I wear my puffer vest over it, very cute!

And worth a mention, lulu has the best underwear.

Ok, so this might not be work out wear.., but around here its pretty cold when I leave for the gym about 5:45 am. I got this jacket earlier in the season and it is now an essential. 
So warm, I really do live in it.

I have registered for a half marathon the first weekend of May.
Haven't even gone for a run yet.
I'm kinda a wuss for running in cold weather and I don't like treadmills.

It could go badly!

But, I am looking forward to training (and warmer weather), because I have these shoes to train in. Everything I read, says they are great!
I'll let you know!

Hang in there.., the weekend is only 2 days away!!

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