Monday, August 18, 2014

Fairy Garden!

For E's birthday I wanted to make her a fairy garden. One that she could really play in and get dirty.
But, it also had to look decent.

My bigest problem was the container. It had a to meet a few minimum requirements.
1. I really wanted her to be able to stand up while playing
2. It couldn't look obnoxious
3. It couldn't cost a fortune

So naturally I went to pinterest for ideas.

Of course now I can't find the original pin.

I used this elevated garden from HD. The price was right (and it wasn't plastic!)

I stained it grey with a deck stain. I wanted to make sure the you can see the grain. I love how it came out! This is the stain.

Next I filled it with plants and other fairy garden necessities, which I found at my local nursery.

Currently, I think the garden is inhabited by dinosaurs and not fairies. Regardless, the kids have had a fun time this summer playing in it!