Monday, August 18, 2014

Fairy Garden!

For E's birthday I wanted to make her a fairy garden. One that she could really play in and get dirty.
But, it also had to look decent.

My bigest problem was the container. It had a to meet a few minimum requirements.
1. I really wanted her to be able to stand up while playing
2. It couldn't look obnoxious
3. It couldn't cost a fortune

So naturally I went to pinterest for ideas.

Of course now I can't find the original pin.

I used this elevated garden from HD. The price was right (and it wasn't plastic!)

I stained it grey with a deck stain. I wanted to make sure the you can see the grain. I love how it came out! This is the stain.

Next I filled it with plants and other fairy garden necessities, which I found at my local nursery.

Currently, I think the garden is inhabited by dinosaurs and not fairies. Regardless, the kids have had a fun time this summer playing in it!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Owens room part two..,

Remember when I wanted to wrap Owen's wall in faux brick veneer?
I still love the look, however convincing L was another story.
I priced out every available option and it just wasn't going to work.  I will file it away for our next home.

So.., I am on the hunt for another option...,



(Unable to find source)


There are so many design elements I love in this last picture! The seagrass I just priced out for his room. I have the lights hanging in my entry. I love the combination of soft mint juxtaposed to the natural elements in this room.

Most of these wall papers are from Nobilis. Tom Scheener fully endorses it, saying it looks just like real paneling, although much less expensive.  I priced it out at $75 a yard.., I need 40 yards, for just one wall.
Unfortunately for me, its back to the drawing board.

What do you think? Would you do it?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A quick trip..,

Santa Barbara was fun. real fun.
Its nice to get away every now and then- without kids.

We started the weekend with diner in Malibu at Nikita.
It was pretty yummy

Then we made our way up the coast to Santa Barbara.

We stayed at Hotel Indigo.

Small, but well done.
Some details below.

We packed a lot into the few days we were there. 
My favorite- running next to the ocean or shopping. Its a toss up:)

A few of the stores we stopped in..,

Rooms and Gardens- such a fantastic display of sand dollars.., could totally diy this.

and.., they had chickens out back. love.

(a better photo taken from their website)

Raoul Textiles was right across the street from our hotel.., fate I tell you!
I got a few yards of the pink fabric in this photo.., not sure what I will do with it.., but I love it!

That bar is not tile! Hand painted., it was amazing! 

We also stopped at Botanik in Summerland.

Fringed umbrella and striped chairs? Yes please!

This picture is pretty epic.., 
I may have convinced L to put a little seagrass wall to wall in our house!

We also spent a fair amount of time in the Funk Zone.

A collection of wine tasting rooms, breweries and  and art galleries.

These pictures are from the tasting room at Lafond

We ended our trip up in Ojia.., where sadly, I did not take any pictures. 

We had such a great time in SB.., I am so eager to go back!

Monday, June 23, 2014


Hope you had a great weekend! We sure did, but we also got a lot accomplished!
We are about to have a house full of family for the 4th of July (so very excited).
My brain has been thinking of ways to make the house comfortable and enjoyable for them.
We will have 4 kids 6 and under at the dinner table.
I have never used a tablecloth on my kitchen table.., but I think it may be the way to go.

During parties, I often fear for my wood table with just a natural finish/protectant.

My table- only I have it in a discontinued grayish stain

This is what my tablecloth search has come up with..,






What do you think? Which one would you choose?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Santa Barbara on my mind

Its Friday! Yay!
We are leaving next week for Santa Barbara. I can't wait! It has been years since I have been there and Lance has never been. So we have lots to discover!

I still haven't booked a hotel room.., woops!
However, I wouldn't mind staying here!

What about you? Have you ever been? Any suggestions where we should stay?