Thursday, April 30, 2015

ORC Week 5

Week 5!?
Well, that seemed to go by fast!
Welcome back friends!
This is the second to last post of the One Room Challenge Spring 2015 brought to you by

I have been working on my master bedroom..,

lets be honest.
I am a little nervous.
Like- bitting my nails nervous!
(gross, I know)

Here's the deal-O..,
I decided to go custom on a few pieces.

#1 Fireplace
The woodwork is complete.
Still needs to be painted and stucco'd
My painter was suppose to come Monday.
But,  I have to go out of town that day to help an out-of-state client.
This could be a major problem....

#2 Custom Nightstands
I heard from my carpenter that they were done and at the painters.
good news!
The steel frame bottoms, as of tuesday, haven't been started.
Another big question mark, 
if it will get done in time.

Thats the problem when you go custom.
Everyone has their own schedule. 
Which I totally understand. 
The last thing I want to do, is rush someone for my deadline.

I sit and wait.
twiddle my thumbs.
It will be all fantastic, once the room is done..,
I am just not sure that will be next week.

The good news is..

These babies were delivered on tuesday

I had hoped they would be up before this post.
But my electrician could not come until tomorrow.
other people's schedules.., again;)

I will post a picture once they are up.

In the meantime,
I have a lot of this...

(it keeps my mind off my ORC room..)

A certain soon-to-be 7 year old asked for a 
Minecraft birthday party.

20 little boys will be at my house on Saturday.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Make sure you check out the other participants here.
Hopefully they have all been a little bit more productive this week.
Its down to the wire!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Etsy Love

I am sure you guys have all hear of Elizabeth Mayville.

Her paintings have been surfing around blogs for years now.

About a year  ago, I contacted Elizabeth - I was sourcing a custom painting for a client.
She had a waiting list which was about a year long (literarily).

I had her put my name on her list, then kinda forgot about it.

So, imagine my surprise when she contacted me this spring- it was my turn!

I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me up!
So I thought long and hard about what I would like a painting of.

Ellie loves braids. I even had go to youtube university to learn how to french braid.

She wants them in her hair..,
every. single. day.

So, I thought a painting by Elizabeth would be perfect to remember this period in her life. 

I love it!

Elizabeth was so much fun to work with.

Find her etsy store here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ORC-week 4

Welcome back friends!

We have made it to week number 4 of the One Room Challenge. 
Things are about to get real!

3 weeks ago, when I decided to embark on this wild ride, I had no idea what a true challenge it would be! I decided to revamp my master bedroom. You can read all about it here, here and here.

This week I had originally wanted to tackle my gallery wall. 
First thing was to have the lights installed...,

But, they haven't arrived. 
I look for the UPS truck daily.

Finally, I went  to the Cedar and Moss website to check the status and
found out there is a 2-3 week lead time.



 I called the company to see if there was anyway I could get them
Cedar and Moss were really great to work with!
The lights shipped out today.

So back to the gallery wall.
I needed a few new pictures, so I started sourcing art online. 

I had my heart set on this Keery Steele original.
Unfortunately, the B word comes into play here.

I did find this one in her etsy store.
I also got some of my favorite hardware to hang it.

This Max Wanger print is the bomb.
Not sure if I am going to use it in my master bedroom or Ellie's room.

A few fun things happened this week.

The fire place was installed!
I love it.
I designed it to be very simple. I plan on having it stucco'd white.

The Juju hat arrive for above the fire place.
From [here]

Alrighty now. Go see what the others are up to. [here]

Have a wonderful day ya'll!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This Room

I came across Delicious Twice last week.
Once on the Stray Dog Design Blog and then again on Pawney Island Posh

This entire situation is great, but I really love the poster.

I am in the process of designing some play rooms.

The poster would be a great addition!

Find it here

Thursday, April 16, 2015

ORC- Week #3

Here we go!
Week 3 of the One Room Challenge!
I am attempting to makeover our master bedroom.

When I left you last week, I had 3 goals set for myself.

#1- Nightstands
I am happy to report that we have made major progress. I decided to go completely custom and have met with my furniture maker and steel contractor. Both should begin working on them by the end of the week.

#2 Rug
No progress, haven't found anything. 
The search continues!

#3 Lights
Two scones are needed for above my gallery wall. 
I was stumped on what to buy. 
Then while walking around my house, I re-realized my love for the Boston Functional Library sconces
I have a brass single arm in my living room and a pair of bronze double arm in my family room.

Just when I was about to pull the trigger on another, I realized this was my comfort zone.

 I need to try something different. 
So back to the drawing board.

Cedar and Moss have some great lights!
I picked up two Tilt Cone sconces for our master.
Hopefully, they will arrive soon. 
I will keep you updated! 

The major progress in the room was on this bad boy.



He looks amazing! 

So whats up for next week?

My goals include working on the gallery wall and the fire place. 
Hopefully I will have some progress shots for you!

To see what the others are up to, go here.
There are some really fantastic rooms!
I can't wait until all the reveals!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hairy Stools

I love a good curly haired stool

When I saw the one above at One Kings Lane on sale for $700 (ish., I think, can't really remember)..,
I figured, I could DIY that.

Lets be honest- I am not a DIY girl.
 too many steps..,
too impatient for the end result.

But this., I felt like I could tackle.

So I ordered the hairpin legs and sprayed them gold.
I also found some mongolian hair.
I went to Lowes for a wooden round and some batting from Joannes.

Next steps were pretty easy.
Glued the batting to the round, stapled on the hair, screwed in the legs.

This is what I came up with.

and underneath 

That was over a year ago. 
I always planned to make another, so I would have a pair.
Then, I got lazy and it never happened.
The extra hair sat in storage.

Last week I went to HG and found this.

Which got me thinking..,

And now I have this.,

For now, I think I will retire from DIY;)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

ORC- Week 2

Hi there! Welcome back!
I have always heard what a supportive group One Room Challenge participants are,
 but whoa.., I was totally blown away!
Thank you for all your comments!

Incase you're new here, welcome!
You can get caught up on last weeks post right here.
To catch you up to speed, I am participating in the One Room Challenge as a linking participant.  Last week I shared my master bedroom as well as some inspirational photos. 
Today, I want to share my design board.

1. The Bed- I have a love/hate relationship with my bed. I loved it 5 years ago when we bought it. Destine to be a classic or so I thought. Maybe it still is(?) But now I see it everywhere. There are a lot of copy cats as well. I might just be a little sick of it. Regardless, it is staying. But if I had the opportunity to replace it, I would pick this one.
I woud also like to incorporate a Moroccan wedding blanket for texture.
2. My favorite white- Benjamin Moore White Dove. That is the current color of the room, so it is also staying.
3. My current light- I have already had this one and this one in the room. They have been relocated to elsewhere in the house. No plans for changing it right now.
I would also like to add some sconces. These are on pre-order, it doesn't give me a date. Any suggestions on other options?
4. Who wouldn't want a leopard bench in their bedroom ;)
5. This nightstand. Not sure if I will go this route or custom.., hopefully I will make a decision this week!
6. My artwork blogged about here.
7. Fiddle leaf fig.
8. My floors where installed and I love them!

Now a progress shot!

Last week, I had Lauren Liess' family room as one of my inspiration photos. I love that fireplace and  would love to have something similar in my room. I may have something up my sleeve, we'll see how it pans out;)

4 short weeks to go.., eek!

My to do list for next week:
1. Decide on some night stands
2. Start looking for a rug. I didn't include one in my inspiration board. I really like this one, but the size I need is on backorder until July.., ugh! I have been searching eBay for an antique one, but haven't come up with anything. 
3. Find some wall scones.

So now the fun part!
Go cheer for other linking participants (here). There are some really great rooms in process!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break and some inspiration

Good morning! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  We spent the day friday doing yard work, then pretty much laid around the rest of the weekend. 

I can't believe how fast this year is going. Summer will be here before you know it. 
A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to Disney.  

After we met these two, our trip was pretty much complete.

It was a fun time. My kids were the perfect ages (6 and 3). Happy with the roller coasters, but also content with the tea cup ride. 

After disney we spent some time at the Parker Palm Springs.

So good. 
I loved it! 

The design was light and fresh. 
Redesigned in 2004 by Jonathan Alder, the Parker boasts the best of mid-century design mixed with modern elements. 
What I loved most of all was the global bohemian atmospher the hotel portrays. I aim to  get this feel in my own bedroom. I will be redoing it as part of the One Room Challenge.
Check back for my design board thursday!

Have a great week ya'll!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Room Challenge..,

Hello there. 

Its been a while.

No excuses, just life.

I've been meaning to dust off this old blog for sometime.
I finally have a real excuse.

The One Room Challenge. It is the brain child from Linda of Calling it home.
6 weeks to transform one room.
esh, its gonna be a doozy.

Thats right.., I am going do it!
I think..,
yup.., gonna to do it.

Let me tell you a little about myself..,
My name is Tricia.
Mom (and wife) 

I've wrapped up a few decorating projects (and clients) the past few months that I would like to share in the coming weeks. 

But, lets get back to business. 

One. Room. Challenge. 

I've decided to tackle our bedroom.
It is lackluster to say the least.
Lets see the befores..,

It looks even worse through the lens!

Carpet.., you're killing me slowly

Pretty boring., huh?

We added the molding on the wall behind the bed 4 years ago.
 The room has been painted 4 times (two different whites).
 But, we never had the momentum to finish it.
Until now.

 I've got to be honest.
I thought I had two more weeks until the challenge began. 

I've got to get things into gear.

Lets look for some inspiration.

Those are some beautiful rooms.

Check back next thursday for the inspiration board (and hopefully some progress).

I have also picked out my floors. 
They are scheduled to go in before next week.
I am so very excited about them!

To see what the other participants are up to,  please go here
Let the fun begin!