Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hairy Stools

I love a good curly haired stool

When I saw the one above at One Kings Lane on sale for $700 (ish., I think, can't really remember)..,
I figured, I could DIY that.

Lets be honest- I am not a DIY girl.
 too many steps..,
too impatient for the end result.

But this., I felt like I could tackle.

So I ordered the hairpin legs and sprayed them gold.
I also found some mongolian hair.
I went to Lowes for a wooden round and some batting from Joannes.

Next steps were pretty easy.
Glued the batting to the round, stapled on the hair, screwed in the legs.

This is what I came up with.

and underneath 

That was over a year ago. 
I always planned to make another, so I would have a pair.
Then, I got lazy and it never happened.
The extra hair sat in storage.

Last week I went to HG and found this.

Which got me thinking..,

And now I have this.,

For now, I think I will retire from DIY;)

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