Thursday, April 9, 2015

ORC- Week 2

Hi there! Welcome back!
I have always heard what a supportive group One Room Challenge participants are,
 but whoa.., I was totally blown away!
Thank you for all your comments!

Incase you're new here, welcome!
You can get caught up on last weeks post right here.
To catch you up to speed, I am participating in the One Room Challenge as a linking participant.  Last week I shared my master bedroom as well as some inspirational photos. 
Today, I want to share my design board.

1. The Bed- I have a love/hate relationship with my bed. I loved it 5 years ago when we bought it. Destine to be a classic or so I thought. Maybe it still is(?) But now I see it everywhere. There are a lot of copy cats as well. I might just be a little sick of it. Regardless, it is staying. But if I had the opportunity to replace it, I would pick this one.
I woud also like to incorporate a Moroccan wedding blanket for texture.
2. My favorite white- Benjamin Moore White Dove. That is the current color of the room, so it is also staying.
3. My current light- I have already had this one and this one in the room. They have been relocated to elsewhere in the house. No plans for changing it right now.
I would also like to add some sconces. These are on pre-order, it doesn't give me a date. Any suggestions on other options?
4. Who wouldn't want a leopard bench in their bedroom ;)
5. This nightstand. Not sure if I will go this route or custom.., hopefully I will make a decision this week!
6. My artwork blogged about here.
7. Fiddle leaf fig.
8. My floors where installed and I love them!

Now a progress shot!

Last week, I had Lauren Liess' family room as one of my inspiration photos. I love that fireplace and  would love to have something similar in my room. I may have something up my sleeve, we'll see how it pans out;)

4 short weeks to go.., eek!

My to do list for next week:
1. Decide on some night stands
2. Start looking for a rug. I didn't include one in my inspiration board. I really like this one, but the size I need is on backorder until July.., ugh! I have been searching eBay for an antique one, but haven't come up with anything. 
3. Find some wall scones.

So now the fun part!
Go cheer for other linking participants (here). There are some really great rooms in process!


  1. I am so looking forward to this one! Loving your wall!

  2. The floors look amazing, and I loooove your light! I think your bed is pretty classic, and it really goes well with your design plan. Can't wait to see how it all shakes out!

  3. I love your plan! I think once you add all of these new items, you'll fall in love with your bed again. It's a great piece. Looking forward to seeing your progress over the next few weeks!