Friday, January 31, 2014

Designer Crush

 I was first introduced to Gen Sohr's work when I picked up the book Undecorate. She and her husband own the interior design firm Pencil and Paper Development Co. out of Nashville. I love their fresh and fun approach to designing livable spaces. She does an excellent job of neutralizing the background of a room, then adding pops of pattern and color. I could happily live in any of her spaces.

All images came from their website Pencil and Paper Development Co. or Gens blog Gen's Favorite.
Her instagram account has pictures of a ranch house they just purchased and redid. It looks lovely! I hope they share more!

(And just a few more doors, because honestly, who wouldn't want these in their home?)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shore Things

Two weeks ago I was laying on the beach.
Today I am dreaming of summer.
One Kings Lane is having a towel sale starting today through Saturday.
There are some amazing towels at some great price points.
I have to restrain myself from buying them!

If these are all gone, you can always find my absolute favorite turkish towel here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dip dyed..,

I know this is nothing new..,

you've seen it before a million times..,

But still..,

I do kinda love it!

I jumped on the bandwagon this weekend and broke out my fuchsia paint.., fuchsia is a neutral right?

The first victim was my little ikea stool.

(ugh, I really need to break out the good camera and not the iphone)

Then I found this cutting board..,

I think I may have a pair of faux antlers somewhere that will be next..

What do you think?

Friday, January 24, 2014

3 Rooms

I am off today to learn more about dog and cat eyeballs at a veterinary CE conference. Before I leave, I wanted to talk about 3 amazing rooms I saw this week. 

There is a lucky little girl that lives here. I love that this room is so effortless. Things flow, but not at all matchy.

My jaw pretty much dropped to the floor when I saw this kitchen! I love the symmetry of it all. The design and layout are fantastic!

These little boy bunks are great! They make me almost (not really) want another son, so I can do this!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things are looking up

I spent yesterday painting the ceiling in Ellies room, the second time in a month.
Flash back to January of 2011, I was told I was having a girl. I was stunned (in a good way!)
I was so certain I was going to have another boy that I already had a name picked out and a nursery design in the works!
When I found out it, was a she.., I kinda just froze! Case in point, she was 24 hours old before we named her (we had known she was a girl for 5 months!) It took me forever to pick out the nursery colors and bedding etc. I never felt like a I truly loved her nursery (which I will share some time). We reused things that I had purchased when I was pregnant with Owen. Same old story, our taste in furnishings had changed, but we couldn't justify the expense to buy a new crib, glider etc.
So have spent the last 2 and half years dreaming of her big girl room. This one I wan to knock out of the park! 

First thing I wanted to address was the walls.., Initially I wanted something like this.

I love the board and batten. 
Changes that I was planing to make where to keep the walls white and paint the ceiling out pink.
I chose the coral color from Serena and Lily (which I no longer see on their site)., and then lighted in to 10%.  I was a pretty light color until it got on the ceiling. The weird shadows darkened it quite a bit.

(sorry for the terrible picture!)

I didn't love it like I had hoped.  I knew I was going have to re paint the ceiling with a lighter color. Then, one day, I was checking the Designers Attic and saw dark pink Schumacher grasscloth on the site. I knew that was what I wanted. So the ceiling was changed back to white in anticipation of molding 3/4th of the way up the wall, then wallpaper to the ceiling.

(You can get a sneak peak of the grasscloth in this one. Don't mind the chandy, it was missing some glass links for the painting.)
Anyway, I want to give Ellie more of a bohemian room and less princess-y pink. Something like you would see here
This room is still in its beginning stages. I ordered the bed in November but, should get here the middle of March. Half the curtains are finished. Custom cabinets should be started next week.  I have no idea what to pick out for the bedding but, I am this close to bidding (ebay) on a turkish Kilim for the rug..., we'll see how it all falls (I am sure this will take months!).

Many things to think about, but not today.
I am off to continue my education.., conference on veterinary ophthalmology.
Have a good one!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Potato Project

Kids are smart.., especially this little girl!
I may have Owen duplicate this project for a science experiment.

Find the video here

(Trust me- its worth the 2 minutes and 32 seconds of your time!)

Thinking of Spring

I came across this last night on Pinterest,

Found Here
Anyone know what town that is in? I love it!
This morning when I left for the gym, I must have still been thinking about it..,

Other news to note., Rikshaw is having a 30% off sale.
Ellie and I may or may not have stocked up for summer!

Have a fantastic day!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

look for less..,

I have been eyeing this shorter vase from VivaTerra for a little while (I was actually secretly hoping it would pop up at Home Goods).

But then one day I was looking at Horchow and saw this..,

Same Dimensions, about $30 cheaper. Not bad, so I decided to get it..,

Here it is on my kitchen table. Not mind blowing, but worth a shout out!
Have a great night!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


We got back yesterday from the Dominican Republic with friends. Nine couples total.., so much fun!
The beach was beautiful!  

Lance and friends did some sailing..,

The country has a beautiful coastline, but there really isn't much to explore in town. We stayed at an all inclusive in Punta Cana. It was simply wonderful! Other than swimming in the ocean, we had a hard time leaving our beach chairs. At any given time, we had a cocktail in hand.

We were able to take the gopro on a run.., Lance got a few looks.

I spent today with my kids. I am always so eager to get back to them!!

Now that its back to reality, we are already thinking of our next vacation. Bermuda in May, but we are taking the kids! Can't wait!
Its going to be in the negatives here this week, I will be dreaming of the beach!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Something about a swan

My most favorite two online retailers, and no surprise, they are both from the bay area.
Ellie lives in Tea Collection. They hold up so well, stay soft and lets be honest, the dresses are adorable!
Serena and Lily is young, fun and eclectic. I love that! I had been eyeing the swan side table for some quite some time. So when it went on sale after the holidays, I jumped! Such a compact solid little table that can add so much to a room!

 It started out in my husbands office...,

Now in the family room..,

I looked this morning.., it has been discounted again. Perhaps I need two!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vacation Time!

It was -28 when I got up to go work out monday morning. Negative 28!
When we decided to move here, there was one (well many), but, one main condition.., we had to get out on a regular basis! I grew up in California, so these winters are very challenging for me! We always go someplace warm in either Jan or Feb. Last year, we went to the Florida coast and then New Orleans for Mardi Gras (so much fun!)
This year, actually on Sunday, we are head to the Dominican Republic. I can't wait. Below are some of the clothes that will be in my suitcase..,
Work out top and Bottoms- I use to have a strict rule which was no working out on vacations. I work out enough at home.., isn't it a vacation from everything? Then,  a year ago we headed to Mexico with a group of friend (read no kids:). When you aren't chasing kids around all day and have no real commitments.., a morning run on the beach feels really good! So now I am totally hooked! 
Shoes, Shorts, Top (love love these. They are my go to top of the summer and even little E has a few!), Sunnies, Hat and Dress

We leave in two days. I didn't get much shopping done ahead of time.
These are the things I wish I was taking in my suitcase!

We are going with 8 other couples to an all inclusive. It should be a great time!
At least, I will get out of the cold for a little while!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Kate Long Stevenson at Furbish Studio

I was sipping my coffee this morning, going through my emails when I was stopped dead in my tracts..,
One of my favorite online stores Furbish Studio was having a pop-up shop from a Charleston artist who's work I had always admired Kate Long Stevenson
A few weeks ago, Furbish did another pop-up shop featuring Sally King-Benedict paintings for a song. I totally missed the boat, and regretted it ever since. 
Today, I was not going to miss it! I imagined gifting one of her gorgeous female painting to my husband for valentines day. It would look so lovely on our bare master bedroom walls!
As we finish up with our large scale furniture purchases for this house, I have started turning my focus to art. I've been looking for original, meaningful art pieces to add to my collection. I have a very dear friend, whom has a beautiful home full the most lovely art pieces.
 Every. Single. Piece. has a story. 
The art was collected at different points in their lives. When they were dating, engaged. Her husband gifted her a piece when they got married, as well as for each child. Travels they have taken. The list goes on!
I love this! They will never get sick of their art!!
OK.., so back to my story. I was on Furbishes' web site when the shop live.  I froze. So many beautiful pieces, but what to do?  Was I making a rash decision? Would I have buyers remorse? Most likely not.., they were amazing! But in the end I decided now wasn't time. Will I regret it? Most definitely! 
Later this year, I hope to get my hands on a commissioned piece by Lulie Wallace.., so I probably should start saving my pennies!!