Monday, January 6, 2014

Kate Long Stevenson at Furbish Studio

I was sipping my coffee this morning, going through my emails when I was stopped dead in my tracts..,
One of my favorite online stores Furbish Studio was having a pop-up shop from a Charleston artist who's work I had always admired Kate Long Stevenson
A few weeks ago, Furbish did another pop-up shop featuring Sally King-Benedict paintings for a song. I totally missed the boat, and regretted it ever since. 
Today, I was not going to miss it! I imagined gifting one of her gorgeous female painting to my husband for valentines day. It would look so lovely on our bare master bedroom walls!
As we finish up with our large scale furniture purchases for this house, I have started turning my focus to art. I've been looking for original, meaningful art pieces to add to my collection. I have a very dear friend, whom has a beautiful home full the most lovely art pieces.
 Every. Single. Piece. has a story. 
The art was collected at different points in their lives. When they were dating, engaged. Her husband gifted her a piece when they got married, as well as for each child. Travels they have taken. The list goes on!
I love this! They will never get sick of their art!!
OK.., so back to my story. I was on Furbishes' web site when the shop live.  I froze. So many beautiful pieces, but what to do?  Was I making a rash decision? Would I have buyers remorse? Most likely not.., they were amazing! But in the end I decided now wasn't time. Will I regret it? Most definitely! 
Later this year, I hope to get my hands on a commissioned piece by Lulie Wallace.., so I probably should start saving my pennies!!

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