Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things are looking up

I spent yesterday painting the ceiling in Ellies room, the second time in a month.
Flash back to January of 2011, I was told I was having a girl. I was stunned (in a good way!)
I was so certain I was going to have another boy that I already had a name picked out and a nursery design in the works!
When I found out it, was a she.., I kinda just froze! Case in point, she was 24 hours old before we named her (we had known she was a girl for 5 months!) It took me forever to pick out the nursery colors and bedding etc. I never felt like a I truly loved her nursery (which I will share some time). We reused things that I had purchased when I was pregnant with Owen. Same old story, our taste in furnishings had changed, but we couldn't justify the expense to buy a new crib, glider etc.
So have spent the last 2 and half years dreaming of her big girl room. This one I wan to knock out of the park! 

First thing I wanted to address was the walls.., Initially I wanted something like this.

I love the board and batten. 
Changes that I was planing to make where to keep the walls white and paint the ceiling out pink.
I chose the coral color from Serena and Lily (which I no longer see on their site)., and then lighted in to 10%.  I was a pretty light color until it got on the ceiling. The weird shadows darkened it quite a bit.

(sorry for the terrible picture!)

I didn't love it like I had hoped.  I knew I was going have to re paint the ceiling with a lighter color. Then, one day, I was checking the Designers Attic and saw dark pink Schumacher grasscloth on the site. I knew that was what I wanted. So the ceiling was changed back to white in anticipation of molding 3/4th of the way up the wall, then wallpaper to the ceiling.

(You can get a sneak peak of the grasscloth in this one. Don't mind the chandy, it was missing some glass links for the painting.)
Anyway, I want to give Ellie more of a bohemian room and less princess-y pink. Something like you would see here
This room is still in its beginning stages. I ordered the bed in November but, should get here the middle of March. Half the curtains are finished. Custom cabinets should be started next week.  I have no idea what to pick out for the bedding but, I am this close to bidding (ebay) on a turkish Kilim for the rug..., we'll see how it all falls (I am sure this will take months!).

Many things to think about, but not today.
I am off to continue my education.., conference on veterinary ophthalmology.
Have a good one!

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