Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vacation Time!

It was -28 when I got up to go work out monday morning. Negative 28!
When we decided to move here, there was one (well many), but, one main condition.., we had to get out on a regular basis! I grew up in California, so these winters are very challenging for me! We always go someplace warm in either Jan or Feb. Last year, we went to the Florida coast and then New Orleans for Mardi Gras (so much fun!)
This year, actually on Sunday, we are head to the Dominican Republic. I can't wait. Below are some of the clothes that will be in my suitcase..,
Work out top and Bottoms- I use to have a strict rule which was no working out on vacations. I work out enough at home.., isn't it a vacation from everything? Then,  a year ago we headed to Mexico with a group of friend (read no kids:). When you aren't chasing kids around all day and have no real commitments.., a morning run on the beach feels really good! So now I am totally hooked! 
Shoes, Shorts, Top (love love these. They are my go to top of the summer and even little E has a few!), Sunnies, Hat and Dress

We leave in two days. I didn't get much shopping done ahead of time.
These are the things I wish I was taking in my suitcase!

We are going with 8 other couples to an all inclusive. It should be a great time!
At least, I will get out of the cold for a little while!!

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