Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ORC-week 4

Welcome back friends!

We have made it to week number 4 of the One Room Challenge. 
Things are about to get real!

3 weeks ago, when I decided to embark on this wild ride, I had no idea what a true challenge it would be! I decided to revamp my master bedroom. You can read all about it here, here and here.

This week I had originally wanted to tackle my gallery wall. 
First thing was to have the lights installed...,

But, they haven't arrived. 
I look for the UPS truck daily.

Finally, I went  to the Cedar and Moss website to check the status and
found out there is a 2-3 week lead time.



 I called the company to see if there was anyway I could get them
Cedar and Moss were really great to work with!
The lights shipped out today.

So back to the gallery wall.
I needed a few new pictures, so I started sourcing art online. 

I had my heart set on this Keery Steele original.
Unfortunately, the B word comes into play here.

I did find this one in her etsy store.
I also got some of my favorite hardware to hang it.

This Max Wanger print is the bomb.
Not sure if I am going to use it in my master bedroom or Ellie's room.

A few fun things happened this week.

The fire place was installed!
I love it.
I designed it to be very simple. I plan on having it stucco'd white.

The Juju hat arrive for above the fire place.
From [here]

Alrighty now. Go see what the others are up to. [here]

Have a wonderful day ya'll!


  1. I love that planter. It looks like it has a wonderful texture to it.

  2. Tricia this is going to be such a gorgeous room! Love all the prints you picked for your gallery wall! Guess what - I was also waiting on the Cedar & Moss lights for my ORC. I'm happy to say mine shipped yesterday. Whew! And isn't every room better with a juju hat? ;)
    Tricia @ Suburban Bitches

    1. Got mine yesterday! Love them!
      Can't wait to see yours in your room!!

  3. Do you have to stucco it? I'm kinda loving the rawness of the wood with the marble and juju. Of course I'm sure whatever you decide will be awesome!

    1. Thanks!
      At this rate, it might stay that way;)