Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Review of sorts..

Do you read the reviews on products before you buy? I do.

(Sometimes I feel bad because I rarely go back and review the products after I get them. Last year we bought our composter and rain barrel from Wayfair, they actually called me to get a review. It was much easier! but I regress.)

Anyway, probably about 3 years ago these chairs were all over the blogosphere. The are the 
Safavieh Deco Bacall Slip Cover Side Chair from Overstock. I was in the market for two host chairs and the price was right, so I decided to give them a try. 

I actually got a pair of what appeared to be an oatmeal linen color. Overstock was great (as usual). But, unfortunately when they arrive, the linen was more like a chenille. It really did not jive with my house. I knew I could return them. Instead, I decided to have a white slip cover made for them. I think I just ordered the white canvas fabric from Pottery Barn.

The pillow fabric is from here. The chairs are fairly comfortable. They are pretty well made for that price range. The back is really tall. Most of the time they live against the wall.., I thought a tall slender chair would look better than a short squatty one.

(A few glimpses of my gallery wall I have been working on.)

So here we are two years later (or was it 3?)
Would I have bought the same chairs? Most likely not.
Experience has taught me to find what I really love and I will never get tired of it.

Found here

This chair is what I really wanted back then. And to tell you the truth, probably wasn't much more after I bought the fabric and paid for the slip cover.., but what can you do?
As my mom would say, live and learn!

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