Friday, February 21, 2014


I am not a DIYer. 
I've tried. 
It never turns out.

Last christmas, I saw garland everywhere.
Land of Nod [among others] had some great strands.
Reasonably priced too.
But.., it seemed pretty easy to make.

I had visons of my children and I sitting around by the fire.., stringing garland together.
They like crafts.

So I ordered some felt balls from here and here.

But then I realized the felt was so thick, you needed a really  big needle to get through it.
I grabbed a bone needle from work. 
Yep, you read that right.
But, you could get a big needle from Joanns or any craft store.
Not something that a 5 or 2 year old should use.

So I made all the garland. 
It was actually kind of fun (and simple.)
It was everywhere in my house.

I had some white leftover.
So I decided to make a few stands for E's big girl room.

It took about 10 min. to make.

After christmas I left some on my mirror (I talked about the mirror here).
[I did paint the mirror a different white, so it didn't look so antique-e]
For the colored garland I used hemp yarn.

Now I'm working on some Fuchsia garland.
Keepin' it a little tighter this time.
Look at me, maybe I am a DIYer.

Probably not.

Have a good one!

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