Thursday, February 13, 2014


This guy showed up on my pinterest feed.

He looks shockingly similar to this guy.

Our Gustopher Cyde.
We call him Gus or Gussy

Just for fun O and I put one of O's winter hats on him...,

Clearly he's not a fan.

This happened yesterday

Molding going up in Ellie's room!!
One of the reasons I loved the nursery in yesterday's  post!
E's is going to be similar, but way different.

We had a lot of this going on at our house..,

Preparing for V day.., more to come.

I tried some of this. It was pretty yummy.
I'm not sure where it came from (?) maybe a friend during Christmas?
I goggled it and it's not very pricey., perhaps I need more.

I also made these for dinner. They are my favorite veggie burger.., no other brand even comes close!

That's pretty much it for random stuff going on at our home!
Have a great day, stay warm!

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