Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mardi Gras 2013

One year ago today, it was Fat Tuesday.
Lance and I were fortunate enough to be New Orleans with good college friends to Celebrate.

But first, we had a little beach time in Florida...,

(so pretty)

I have been to New Orleans before, and it is always a good time. But, its a whole different level to be there on Mardi Gras! 
The parades were ah-mazing.
The floats were fantastic!

It was not very hard to get beads, and we kept it clean!

People were everywhere! 

There were some really great costumes! 

New Orleans was beautiful as always!

We spent the day walking, drinking and meeting new people.

We went to so many fabulous restaurants and had the most amazing food! We took pictures of just about everything we ate, but I will spare you!

I so wanted to do some antique shopping. But this was the closest I got (looking through windows).  As EVERYTHING closes down for Mardi Gras! 
(good for my husband, sad for me!)

We stayed at the Hotel Monteleone.., which I highly recommend, totally in the middle of the action! 

The entire trip was perfect. The only thing I would do different would be to dress up.

(aren't my friends eyelashes fantastic?)

What about you? Have you ever gone?
I would again., in a heartbeat!

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