Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy valentines day!

Hope ya'll are having a fantastic V day.

My kids were bouncing off the walls this morning with excitement to exchange valentines.
Isn't it tricky? You see so many wonderful valentines everywhere, pinterest, blogs etc. etc.
Half the time, you know the kid didn't do it, mom did.
So, I always try to involve the kids. As they get older, the definitely have more input!

Last year I took this off pinterest.

(Link here)
They were pretty cute.

This year, Owen is in Kindergarten. They do not allow food or candy of any kind, to be given out.

I am totally cool with that. I prefer not to give more candy to the kids.., in fact I am totally that mom whom doesn't hand out candy on Halloween. Instead we give little trinkets. 

So O and d I went shopping. And he picked up pencils in the dollar bin at target. Then we found plastic bags, wasabi tape and stickers at Michael's.
The best part? He assembled them all by himself.

Then we made crayon hearts for E's friends

Baked in the oven at 250 for about 10 minutes, then placed in the freezer.

We made these for O's class a few years ago. I got the mold at Ikea.
We quickly learned to separate the colors or the heart just turns black.

I got this note this morning..,

Best gift. period.

So I left him this note..,

I love these little holidays with little people!

Hope you have the best valentines day yet!!

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