Monday, March 24, 2014

Dryer Balls

  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was full of laundry! Yuck!
But, I started thinking of..., chemicals (I know that is exactly what you thought I would say! ha!). We try to be as natural as possible here. I just don't see a need to spray our clothes, food, dishes etc. with unnecessary chemicals., and as an added bonus lil'O has sensitive skin, and I think E may be on her way!
For years, I have been using Mrs. Meyers dryer sheets. I am not a fan of static or stiff clothes and these seemed to do the trick!  The box says  the dyer sheets are 99% naturally derived. But ultimately, you are still coding your clothes with unnessary chemicals, natural or not.

I have tried plastic dryer balls in the past. They did do the trick. However, plastic is made from PVCs which is released onto the laundry by the hot dryer.  Not the answer.

Originally, I had planned to DIY some felt balls to use instead of the laundry sheets. My intentions were good, but I haven't followed through, yet. Here are the instructions:

Last week, while at Home Goods, I came across these

Total game changer!

I used them all weekend and I LOVE them. Our clothes have come out static free and soft. 
The Woolzie don't shed, so they are safe for people with wool allergies. 

If you are interested here is their website

Obviously, they didn't pay me to say any of this!
 Just a really good product I wanted to share!

Cheers to Monday!!

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