Thursday, March 27, 2014

Patio Plans

Anyone else out there ready for spring? We certainly are! I have already started growing seeds inside (a post for a different day!) But, the outdoors are clearly on my mind. We have a few projects in the works. Last summer we had plans to add a patio, but it never happened.  It was totally my fault.  I froze and was unable to make a decision.  I am a pretty decisive person on interiors. But, when you move outside, I have trouble.  Anyone else like that?

Initially, we were going use slate for our patio. I wanted it laid subway style much like this:

(I tried, but could track the origin of these down)

Aren't these gorgeous?  
The estimates came back, and while they weren't horrible, we know we will only be in this house for a few more years. We won't get our money back when we sell. 
So I started researching other options and couldn't decide.  So I sat on it all summer and fall. 

Well, its been a long winter of thinking about it. And I am happy to report that the contract is signed and we will get a new patio the first of May. 
What did we decide on? You will just have to wait and see. 

This is the overall plan for the patio. 
We are going to knock out some windows and add french doors, most likely painted black or dark gray. 
Planters will be on either side of the door for symmetry.
A pergola will cover the patio. But, I want something different. This modern version seems to fit the bill.
A fire pit is a must. I have search online for them and keep coming back to this Restoration Hardware one. 
Hydrangea's because they are my favorite!
The chairs are still up in the air. I was thinking of this PB one. But, as I look at everything together, it seems rather predictable. Everything is on the modern side. The furniture will likely be the last thing I buy. 
Not sure if I will do 4 of the same chairs around the fire pit or something different.

I have to say I like this eclectic mix of outdoor furniture.
I have a sinking feeling that the amount of money leftover will dictate the furniture we get. 

How about you? Any big summer improvement plans?

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