Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vegas baby.., I mean Vegas with babies

We love to travel. We live in the middle of America.., There are no great weekend get aways.

Getting out of here on a routine basis is a must for our family.

For O's first spring break- we met my parents in Vegas.

The hiking was fantastic!

I really wanted to find a souvenir but I just couldn't do it!

The Bellagio- it smelled like it looked..,
Which made me wonder- how much flower smell do they pump in there?

Ellie was not impressed

my current favorite outfit

The aquarium

Only pic I took on the strip.., Maybe because E kept asking if princess lived there(?)

Hoover dam was amazing!! 

I look away for one second and this happens!
Climbing a cable..

Ellies curent fav outfit

Loving some brass detail

We were able to leave the kids one night with my parents.
Lance and I had a date.., just like old times in Vegas before kids..,
But we were home by 10.., too exhausted to stay up later!
Ha! I guess kids will do that to you!!

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