Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring photo dump

 Early spring according to my phone..

We got some exciting mail

This girl rocks my world!

She found a pony named Gus.
(don't worry, he doesn't mind)

And slept in her big girl bed

My original baby went to sleep.
I am still so sad.

Owen gave Gus some love.
They are sad too.

I did some antiquing. Love the orange bench, but I wish there were two.
I could see them in a leopard print.
(the gold table above was pretty killer too)

No fooling, I am still running in the rain, sleet and snow.

But spring came to my table.

Every girl needs a pair of wings.

Owen hasn't enjoyed the spring either.

He did however, feel the need to put a tattoo on his face.

Happy weekend y'all!

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